New Synopsis for Book One

Thanks to the folks at for helping me re-tool my synopsis. LOVE that website! Let me know what you think.


In the Land of Greystone, the battle for the souls of mankind has raged for millennia. But the two great Sister phoenixes, Totoral representing selflessness and honor, and Tomian representing selfishness and lust for power, were forbidden by the Creator from clashing directly lest the Land itself be destroyed. So every few hundred years, men and women are chosen to be infused with supernatural powers and sent to fight in the phoenixes’ stead in an event called The Proving.

But Argand Mason, Max Chemael, and Loric Sarindon know nothing of phoenixes or magical powers, except of course within fanciful Bard’s tales. In the modern Greystone Protectorates believing in the supernatural is considered a sign of dangerous insanity. Argand and his best friend Kosin are traveling from the western borders of Greystone to register for Venture, the traditional journey into the Black Mountains through which adventurers earn knighthood. But during the journey Argand and Kosin begin to display skills that can only be magic. Max and two of his friends, enlisted soldiers in Greystone’s army, also begin displaying unexplainable abilities while battling invaders in Greystone’s Heartland. Loric believes his brief career is already about to end. He has begun hearing a voice in his mind, and has chosen to commit himself to a cuperative (hospital) before he can become a danger to himself and others. Through their travels, they encounter several strangely familiar women who are also keeping secrets.

As they all struggle to come to grips with the emerging powers that they must keep hidden, they also discover that they are being followed by a set of elusive, shadowy figures. Further, someone is actively searching the countryside for young men and women capable of doing the impossible… in order to eliminate them.

As Emergence closes, the dark plans of King Balon of the neighboring country MasMindon are revealed. Balon’s eight supernaturally skilled grandsons have been training for years for their chance to represent the phoenix Tomian in the Proving. And it appears that no one will challenge them in the name of Totoral. Soon, Argand, Max, Loric and their friends will discover that Bard’s tales hold the clues to the mysteries surrounding them, leading them toward their places in the battle for the future of mankind.

* * *




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