The Message in the Music

Hello, all!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve mentioned one of the most critical elements of my fantasy novels, both the young adult-focused THE PROVING and the middle grade THE MAGIC STONES OF MIDNIGHT KEEP and THE MAGIC STONES OF LAKESDAWN CASTLE. That element is the songs! In each book you will find songs called Bard’s Tales playing a crucial role in the plot as characters learn there is much more to ‘the old tales’ than meets the eye (or ear).

Here is a sample. This short Bard’s Tale called “The Price” is featured in all three of my completed fantasy novels and will continue to play a role in the upcoming sequel to THE PROVING and in future books in The Magic Stones collection. While I never formally wrote music to go with these lyrics, I have a distinct vision of how it might one day sound.


“Farewell, my love,” said the soldier at dawn,

To his love, with tears, as she begged him to stay,

“I may not, I am called, battle rages on,

They oppress us, my love, I will make them pay.”


“We are lost,” said the General, in the high noon sun,

On the field, stained red, his men but a few,

Then great Knights, clad in silver, charged as one,

“If the price must be paid, we will pay it, not you.”


Years passed, and the soldier, now King of the west,

Saw the verdant moon’s rise, come to claim life anew,

Rode forth, clad in silver, his people at rest,

“If the price must be paid, I will pay it, not you.”


I suppose I have Tolkien to blame, but I simply cannot conceive of a fantasy story that does not contain songs! In support of the greater plot arc that wraps around all of my YA and MG books, I’ve written dozens of Bard’s Tales like this one. I will share more soon.




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