Maps of the Known Land

Here is the “Parchment Version” of the Known Land of Pasaron, followed by a zoom into the Coradis Region alone.

Pasaron Reloaded - Border 2 copy small

The Coradis Region, also known as “The Sixth Duchy” is the most densely populated part of the Touran Protectorates.

Pasaron Reloaded - Coradis Region Final

Moving to the Magic Stones collection, the action in Trustan and Veri’s adventure The Magic Stones of Lakesdawn Castle takes place entirely in the Falon Empire, aka Falonir. The empire sits on the northern border of Touran and is both west and north of Great Kanor, and due east of the Crystal Peaks and Cronia.

Stay tuned for a new edition to the Maps of Pasaron, featuring Touran’s southern border and the Dramini Waste desert as seen in The Magic Stones of Midnight Keep!