THE PROVING – YA Epic Fantasy

THE PROVING is the first installment in the Tome of Pasaron, a trilogy of trilogies that recounts a thousand years of history in a mystical land where magic is considered myth and truth is hidden in song. Book two, THE COUNCIL OF LORDS, and the first trilogy’s finale THE LAST PEACE will be completed soon.

In the Land of Pasaron, there is no such thing as magic except within fanciful Bard’s Tales. So when teens begin exhibiting incredible powers followed by murderous insanity, terror grips once peaceful kingdoms.

When rebellious Crown Princess Kir’Ana Touran begins manifesting magic abilities, she knows she must run away or risk political catastrophe. Similarly, brash young adventurer Annix Mastoro dreams of knighthood but must keep his powers secret or be imprisoned like other teens.

As Kir’Ana and Annix’ paths collide, they join a small group of similarly powerful teens who discover that they are not destined for madness. They are the elect of a greater power, chosen to represent the side of good in a dangerous adventure called THE PROVING with the fate of Pasaron in the balance. Facing nearly impossible odds, the teens must use their new skills to triumph over their evil opponents and save Pasaron from generations of darkness.