The Art of Pasaron

Artwork that shows dramatic views of the Land of Pasaron as seen in THE PROVING, THE MAGIC STONES OF LAKESDAWN CASTLE, and THE MAGIC STONES OF MIDNIGHT KEEP.

Original artwork by the incomparable KTJ.

The Kestral and the Great-Storm

“The Kestral and the Great-Storm” from The Proving.

aril dad

“Aril Galana”, main character in The Magic Stones of Midnight Keep.

Red Phoenix Rising

“Red Phoenix Rising”

The Hialon Valley.

“The Hialon Valley”. The Hialon Valley in an unexplored area of the Black Mountains.

A pithwood, near Haverlin City.

“Pithwood”. A pithwood, near Haverlin City, Jesserin Duchy, Touran.

dads desert boat final

“The Running Sands”. Aril discovers the Running Sands and a ship at full sail in the Dramini Waste.


“Wallways” – From The Magic Stones of Lakesdawn Castle, Chapter 1, as Trustan and Veri discover a secret passage leading outside of the palace.