The Proving – Chapter 1

The reread has begun! And I’ve already cheated.

Well, it may not really be cheating. I did a ton of work to improve Chapter 1 of The Proving a month or two ago as part of super-agent Lesley Sabga’s ultra-secret project about the book. So my eyes were not *really* fresh as I dove in again. But still, it’s been a while. And my gut reactions were kind of surprising! Here is the very first usage of a fun chapter analysis framework – Liked-Loved-What-Why.

Chapter 1 – “Stay In Rhythm”


I really like how FAST this story moves! My goodness, I’d forgotten just how much the reader is thrown (literally) into the action and into the thick of main character Kir’Ana’s thoughts and experiences. No time is wasted here. Page one of the book and the whole main threat to the country of Touran – and the entire Land of Pasaron – is unmistakably in your face. That’s super cool.


I really love the mystery that shrouds the whole chapter. One of the hallmarks of fantasies that I’ve loved over the years is the presence of lots of stuff that is NOT explained, not spoon-fed to the reader… and possibly downright not guessable! Nothing draws me into a story more.


Ah, the perils of first person. What does Kir’Ana look like? I’m super-visual when I read, and that just sticks in my craw as the chapter draws to a close. I get two tidbits. Long brown curls and brown skin. Okay, I guess that’s something. But what I wouldn’t give for a stereotypical mirror shot here where she describes what she sees! Also, what is Jerine’s story? Clearly she will be important given her introduction.


Lots and lots of why questions came to mind. Why is there a veriant problem in this place, and why is it apparently only teens who are turning violent? Why did Kir’Ana plan to run away on her own and not confide in her apparent best friend (the answer is hinted at, but still). And maybe the most pressing of all, why was Kir’Ana in that extremely unusual situation in the chapter’s first paragraph?! The craziness of where she finds herself and how she apparently got there is just moved past. Not without reason, but OMG why was she there? Interestingly, the answer is never given in this book. At all. This author is crazy! But I think I’ll keep reading since the massive cliffhanger at chapter’s end is just over-the-top cool.

That’s it for now! See you for chapter 2 soon.




2 thoughts on “The Proving – Chapter 1

  1. Matt

    Alright, Kevin. Keri and I want to read along! We decided we’d read it together in the evenings after the kids go to bed. Can you send us the most recent copy?

  2. Matt

    Just read chapter 1! Lots of changes from what I remember about the last version I read. The veriant attack is all new, to my recollection. Unless I remember incorrectly, I don’t think Kir’Ana brought Jerine into her plan. Interesting new take on things. I can tell you were going for immediate action and it definitely grabs the reader’s interest right away. Quite the chapter cliff hanger! I’m looking forward to chapter 2…


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