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Kevin E. Jackson writes middle grade and young adult fantasy novels that blend the action and adventure of modern day blockbuster movies with positive messages for young readers.

Kevin is a happily married father of five, an information technology manager for a pharmaceutical company, and an adjunct professor of IT at several universities. However, his heart doesn’t live within cyber-security processes or virtual machine computing, but in creating immersive fantasy tales based on positive, Christian themes. With scores of unwritten stories hovering in his mind, he spent the last ten years learning the craft of writing. Kevin honed his skills within online writer’s groups then found bestselling author mentors willing to share their wisdom.

He believes in increased diversity in fantasy, so each story organically features mixed-race characters and characters of color in leading roles. He is also a musician, playing both guitar and drums, and as a result his books have songs as central plot elements. At the core of Kevin’s writing is a love of children; he longs to see today’s young readers learn from his stories much as he did reading the fantasy masters of the past.

Follow Kevin on Twitter @TheTomeWriter and on Instagram as TheTomeWriter, and find him on Facebook at Facebook.com/TheTomeWriter.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. woodford linton

    Well now I am really impressed! Not that I wasn’t before. With a full-time job, work on your doctorate and the awesome responsibility of insuring the survival and well being of my five little gene carriers you have tossed another great big ball into the air. If your blog is any indication, you still have the juggling act pretty well under control. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to future posts.

    1. thetomewriter Post author

      Thanks, Woody!!! And thanks for reading! This is about the most fun hobby I’ve had since diaper changing over the past 14 years… had to find something to replace THAT joy! 🙂

  2. Deidre Hicks

    Let me simply add AMEN to your father-in-la’s words!! I out not be prouder of you, who knew that skinny little kid with the big imagination an bigger smile would accomplish so much!!!!!


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