Lakesdawn Castle’s Future Cover Design???

Hi everyone! My incredible daughter Katie has once again blown my mind with her artistic talent, and I am so excited to share. The MAGIC STONES OF LAKESDAWN CASTLE, likely to be the second book in the Magic Stones Collection, now has an incredible vision for cover art… and here it is!

MSoLC Dream Cover

The image shows 12-year-old best friends Trustan and Veri in one of the book’s most exciting moments as they magically fly to safety through the window of a burning castle. I absolutely love it! Once again, it’s imagination brought to life. I can easily imagine a cover like this lined up on bookshelves beside other middle grade children’s books, and such an exciting, compelling fantasy image would definitely make kids want to pick it up and learn more!

This awesome art will be added to the collection on The Art of Pasaron page here on the website along with images from the middle grade THE MAGIC STONES OF LAKESDAWN CASTLE, THE MAGIC STONES OF MIDNIGHT KEEP, and the young adult The Proving.

What do you guys think? Would this catch the eye of the kids you know? I covet your feedback.

More coming soon!



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