Glossary of The Proving

The following glossary of terms, people, and places accompanies THE PROVING, book 1 of the Tome of Pasaron. But truth be told, many of the definitions help with understanding the world in which we find the Magic Stones collection too!


Andirs, Terron (ANN-ders, TAIR-un) – A Senior Captain in the Coradine Castle guard. Personal bodyguard of Crown Princess Kir’Ana Touran.

Aspinon, Yoral (ASP-in-on, YOUR-uhl) – Royal Second Knight of Queen Lorrelai Touran under Jason Bertram. Born in Stantin Duchy, family now resides in Southern March within Brandon Duchy.

Barber, Bonds – Merchant of Haverlin City. Deals in caynspun goods, general clothing, and footwear.

Baron, Jaymes – Chief of Security for Queen Lorrelai Touran. Rumored to also serve as the “Point”, or Senior Commander, of the Royal Guard Intelligence Service (RGI).

Blue Islands, The – Island archipelago nation in the Erin Ocean east of Touran. The Blue are made up of over 1000 tropical islands, dominated by Tirnor, Castor, Tambor, and Halvor. Islanders have hereditary and historical links to ancient Falonir. The Blue are ruled by a democracy, electing a prime leader called a Prefect every 5 years. The islands export some fruits, vegetables, and seafood, but their mainstay exports are medicine and physicians. The coral reefs near Tirno produce a natural elixir called hannon, which has powerful antibiotic, antiviral, and rapid healing qualities.

Brandon Duchy – Region of the Touran Protectorates South of the Coradis City region and east of Palladon and Jesserin Duchies, bordering the Erin Ocean to the east, the Brandon Bay to the north, and the Dramini wastes to the south. Famous for its production of marsh oil, of which they are the largest producer in the known Land. Ruled by Duke Kelly of Brandon City. Symbol is three stylized silver flames in a triangular patter on field of black or burnt orange.

Caynspun (KANE-spun)– An expensive, water proof, highly durable fabric made from the fibers of the cayn plant. Most middle-class citizens of Touran own a single caynspun garment, typically a cloak, for wet weather and Winter season use. The rich will often have fine caynspun shirts, pants, and multi-use outerwear.

Convex, The – The sixty person legislative body of the Touran Protectorate. Made up of 10 elected official, or Marks, from each of the five duchies of Touran, plus 10 from the Coradis City Region. Responsible for proposing laws and treaties for ratification by the monarch.

Cooper, Varix (VAIR-icks) – An orphan raised in Coradis City’s Southside orphanage. Trained member of the Grey Shields (qualified in sword) at the entry rank of Corporal. Close friends with Bres Page.

Cordollas, Myrealla Resfalline (kor-DOH-lus, meye-ree-ELL-uh RES-fuh-leen) – aka Mai (MEYE). A Bard of Touran, celebrated for her talents from a very young age. Daughter of Federin and Karialla Cordollas of the Coradis City Region.

Cronia (CROW-nee-uh) – Maritime country bordered by the Crystal Peaks and the Black Mountains to the east, The Ice Coast to the north, the Theron Sea to the west, and the Aminlora Sea and MasMindon to the south. Cronian citizens (Crons) are ruled by a parliamentary monarchy, where regional elected representatives (Sterons) appoint a King every 10 Summers. Current King, Clivon, rules from capital city of Chivellin on the Theron Sea. The Crons maintain an uneasy truce with MasMindon under fear of invasion. Cronia trades with any country, exporting peppers, fruits, and exotic foods long distance (seafood and spices locally) while importing wheat, vegetables, iron ore, weaponry, and medicines.

Cuperatives (KOOP-ruh-tivs, or koo-PAIR-uh-tivs) – a system of hospitals set up within the major cities of the known Land. Most cuperatives feature at least one Islander (as in from the Blue Islands) as head physician. The largest and most successful is the Royal Cuperative of Coradis City.

Erinor College (AIR-in-ore) – Private school system that originated in Coradis City in RC 1140 under King Harn Touran. Families that have the means can send their children to classes in most of the major cities of the protectorates.

Falonir (FAL-uh-neer) – Wetland country bordered by the Dead Hills to the north, the Burnt Peaks to the west, the Touran Protectorates to the south, and the Black Mountains and Crystal Peaks to the west. Falonir is a hereditary monarch where the Queen always supersedes the King in authority. Current Queen Inverion IV rules from the capital city of Falanx on Fostin Lake. The Falons are ancestral allies of Touran.

Findlay, Reann and Ramond (ree-ANN, RAY-mund) – Twin brother and sister who manage the Findlay Inn, downtown Southern March, in place of their deceased parents.

First Knight (Royal or Ducal) – The Royal First Knight is the field commander of the Grey Shields above all Generals, chosen from among the knights royal. Current First Knight is Jason Bertram, his Second is Yoral Aspinon. Each Duke also selects a Ducal First Knight to command their local armies.

Fletcher, Kosin (KOH-sin) – Son of Lon and Francine Fletcher of Jesserin Duchy. An apprentice arms maker and childhood friend of Ayr’Anax Mastoro.

Furn, Premus – Chief Steward of Muradin castle under King Bra’Kad Horncrest.

Gilston – mid-sized town in the Heartwood area. Traditionally considered part of the Palladon Duchy. Well-known trader’s city for meat products and livestock.

GlinTannon, Woerner (glen-TAN-un, WERE-ner) – Chief of Palace Security for King Bra’Kad of MasMindon.

Granite Hills – Region of Jesserin Duchy between the Highlands and the Black Mountains. In the past was a source for granite, but now produces vast quantities of a strong, lightweight structural stone called Trucstite (Trux for short).

Grey Shields – the standing army of the Touran Protectorates. Made up of a main body of full-time soldiers quartered near Coradis City, plus the part-time armies of each of the five dukes of Touran.

Hannon (HANN-en) – A natural elixir extracted from the coral reefs east of The Blue Islands. Hannon is used to make a series of medicines which have powerful antibiotic, antiviral, and rapid healing qualities. Hannon products have a short shelf-life, and are therefore more and more rare the further one gets from the Erin Ocean. Very expensive, at around 10 weight of gold per ounce.

Haverlin City (HAV-err-lin) – one of the larger cities in Jesserin Duchy, on the western shore of Lake Haverlin where it meets the Kirill River. Sits at the intersection of the Cayn and Jury Roads.

Heartland, The – Rolling hills just west of the Coradis City Region, south of the Kirill River and north of the Great River, extending westward from the Ash Barrows to the Cayn Road. The region is famous for its livestock farms, particularly cows, pigs, and chickens.

Highlands, The – Rolling, hilly region in Jesserin Duchy between the Central Plains and the Granite Hills.

Hinson, Dr. Verian (HEN-son, VAIR-ee-un) – Famous Blue Islander physician from the Blue Academy of Health Sciences, Timor Island. Well known for his decades-long research into the treatment of mental illness in the known Land. His famous research paper, “The identification, treatment, and prevention of radical Verian Terafelia” investigates violent psychotic breaks seemingly related to people’s immersion in Bard’s tales. The mental disorder itself was named after Dr. Verian, per Islander tradition, at the same time he published this seminal work.

Horncrest, Ardeman – Crown Prince of MasMindon, eldest son of King Bra’Kad. Born in RC 1260, mother unknown. Both he and younger brother Tamaric are known as the Blood Princes.

Horncrest, Bra’Kad – King of MasMindon. Crowned in RC 1240 under mysterious circumstances after the death of previous king Raydin Palian.

Horncrest, Julian – Eldest son of Ardeman Horncrest. Julian, his three brothers, and his four cousins (sons of Tamaric) are known as the Blood Knights.

Jall Duchy – Dominating the northeastern region of the protectorates, Jall is known for agriculture. Capital city is Jalsmin. Ruled by Duke Arias Incladon. Symbol is a golden bundle of wheat sheaths between two rivers.

Jesserin Duchy (JESS-err-in) –Westernmost duchy of the Touran Protectorates, extending from the Granite Hills to Heartwood City, and from the Roven-Cayn Road to Heartwood Road. Ruled by Duke Martin Lanhill of Jesserin. Known for livestock production, mining, and stone production. Symbol is a red war hammer on a field of White.

Kestral, The (KESS-trull) – The tallest mountain in the known Land. Stands in the north central area of the Black Mountains. The area around it is known for the highest concentrations of dangerous beasts in the mountains. It’s peak is perpetually hidden in swirling storm clouds, a stationary hurricane called the Great-storm. According to myth, it hides a plateau covered in a forest of immaculate White Pillars.

Kinson, Oriander (KIN-son, OR-ee-and-err) – retired Chief Steward and advisor to Touran’s King Darren and later Queen Lorrelai. Master Oriander, as he is widely known, was a noted scholar and master planner/logistician at the Erinor College, and became a royal advisor in RC 1235 (he was twenty-six Summers at the time). He went on to become King Darren’s chief advisor and Chief Steward of the castle. He gained great fame for risking his own life to protect Princess Lorrelai during the assassinations of RC 1260, when the rest of the royal line was killed (he took a poisoned bolt to the stomach, allowing her to escape to safety). He survived, but his health deteriorated until he retired in RC 1273. He lives still in Coradis Castle as an unofficial advisor to the queen, and still sits on her board of advisors.

MasMindon (mass-MEN-dun) – Country west of the Black Mountains, bordered by Cronia to the north, Theron to the South, and the Theron Sea to the west. MasMindon is an ancient enemy of the Touran lands. Capital City is Muradin, along the Black River. The Mindonite government is a hereditary monarchial dictatorship, currently ruled by King Bra’Kad Horncrest and his sons Ardeman and Tamaric. The Mindonites have many trade agreements with Cronia and Theron, and even a few with Falonir, but very limited trade exists with Touran due to the long history of war and strife between the countries.

Mastoro, Ayr’Anax (must-ORR-oh, AIR-an-ax) – Son of Ar’And and Mara Mastoro of Eagle’s Reach, Jesserin Duchy. Apprentice squadman of the Eagle’s Reach local patrol, and ex-apprentice stonemason. Childhood friend of Kosin Fletcher.

Merchant – businessmen within the Land who organize large-scale deals for the trading of goods and services. Merchants hire traders to deliver and sell their goods, while the merchants themselves focus on negotiations and profit margins within their commerce specialties.

Mindonite (MEN-dun-ite) – A citizen of the country of MasMindon (see ‘MasMindon’).

MonDevlon, Losina (mon-DEV-lun, low-SEE-neh) – The “Queen’s Voice” in the Convex, a position of note in Touran Protectorates’ politics. The Voice acts as the personal representative for the queen when her highness is absent from the proceedings. The Voice also acts as the chief of the Coradis City Region’s Marks in the Convex.

Nightwalkers, Nightwings – mythical beasts of prey that hunt and feed on humans.

Notive (NO-tiv) – a waiter at the Whitetree Inn, Haverlin City, Jesserin Duchy.

Nowrey, Ancia (NOW-ree, AN-see-uh)– Captain of the wet trader river ship Ravenswain.

Olstat, Adrin (AY-drin) (Addy) – Claimed distant relation and apprentice of Bonds Barber, merchant of Haverlin.

Orus, Roca (OR-us, ROE-ka) – an elderly lamp trader from Haverlin City.

Page, Par’Obres (par-OH-bress) – aka Bres. Son of Billin and Sira Page. Apprentice in the Grey Shields (qualified in sword and short-bow). Close friends with Varix Cooper.

Palladon Duchy (PAL-uh-dun) – Region of Touran south of Jesserin and west of Brandon Duchies. Mostly a mountainous region, centered on the Eastern Range. Famous for the gold, silver, and copper mines in the high mountains. Ruled by Duke Jorge, whose ducal seat is in Pallas. Symbol is a golden mountain ringed with silver clouds at its peak.

ParSureth, Morton (par-SIR-eth) – Chief Advisor to Queen Lorrelai Touran, Chief Steward of Coradine Castle.

Pathwatch, The – A national police force for the Touran Protectorates. Made up of men who rotate duty from the ranks of the Grey Shields. Pathwatch “regulars”, or just “watchmen”, patrol the open roads between major cities and towns to keep the peace.

Pinneron – elderly chief advisor of King Bra’Kad Horncrest of MasMindon.

Polser, Frowan (POLE-zer, FROE-win) – Constable of the Cardinal District local patrol, Coradis City.

Priory of Bards, The – Famous organization of women trained in the arts of storytelling, musical performance, and acting. Bards are common in the Touran Protectorates, less so in the surrounding countries (they are banned in MasMindon). In the Coradis city Proxim lies the Priory, a trade school and dormitory for the training and support of Bards. In the distant past men could also become Bards.

Proxim – Name of the sprawling area of housing communities, factories, markets, and shops that surround Coradis City. Roughly contained within the circular route of the General Maten Pass, Loop Road, and the outer wall of Coradis City.

Ramagan Calendar (ruh-MAY-gin) (RC) – In RC 1139, noted Touran Scholar Fore Ramago discovered a hidden cache of ancient books in a sealed vault under Brandon City. He used those records to establish what he called the Eastern Calendar (EC) based on the northern migration of large apparently nomadic tribes into the lands now called the Touran Protectorates around 200 years prior. He called the oldest recorded histories Eastern Calendar Year 1 (EC 1). Then the primary migration year was approximated as EC 900. He was able to piece together a nearly continuous history of the Touran region from that point – with the exception of a largely unrecorded segment of history around EC 900 and the northern migration. The First Monitor of Erinor College at that time, in appreciation of Ramago’s efforts and his great old age, renamed the EC to the Ramagan Calendar, RC. Locals also refer to recent times in term of Year of the King, or Year of the Queen, YOK or YOQ. The events of The Proving occur during RC 1295, YOQ 35.

Royal Guard Intelligence Service (RGI) – The rumored secret intelligence operation of the Touran royals, also known simply as the RGI.

Season – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Approximately 90 days long, the 4 seasons of each year are used to mark time and dates in the Land. Using seasons and Ramagan (or royal) Calendar years, dates are formed. E.g. “The 41st of Spring, RC 1298” for the day occurring 41 days into Spring season, Ramagan Calendar year 1298, or “83rd of Fall, YOQ 18” for the 83rd day of the Fall season, in the 18th year of the current queen.

Sehold, Sir Endrick (SEE-hold, ENN-drik) – First Knight of Duke Martin of Jesserin. Famous as the strongest and most skilled ducal knight, and for his expertise as a wartime tactician and planner.

Skull-beaters – slang for security forces, guards, or bouncers for an establishment or facility.

Squad – In the Grey Shields and Pathwatch, an organized fighting unit of 50 men. Each squad is made up of 5 units of 10 men each. Each squad is led by a squadleader.

Stantin Duchy – Region of the Touran Protectorates north of Jesserin and west of Jall Duchies. Famous for its production of cayn plants, similar to cotton, from which caynspun fabrics are made, and for exporting lumber from the Jagan forest (pith and jagan trees mostly). Ruled by Duke Nestor of Stantin. Symbol is a golden Jagan tree on a field of green surrounded by blooming cayn plants at its base.

Thorton, Kon – Innkeeper at the Whitetree Inn, Haverlin City, Jesserin Duchy. Runs the inn with his daughter, Mina.

Timora, Xanad (teh-MORE-uh, zuh-NOD) – current King Regent of Touran, husband of Queen Lorrelai Touran. The Regent title is required for any King who gains their position by marriage. Regents are always subordinate in power to their Touran-heir queens. Xanad was born in RC 1233, the eldest of four sons born to Xorin and Felise Timora, wealthy hannon farmers of Tirnor island in the Blue. A well-known scholar, he published the famous book “The Politics of Health” in RC 1265 about the criticality and dangers of the hannon trade and the survival of the Blue Islands – the book that became the de facto guide for hannon trade and the training/exporting of physicians. He went on to become a successful politician, and was considered a lock for Prefect of the Blue Islands in the elections of RC 1272. But he withdrew his nomination after meeting and falling in love with Queen Lorrelai that Spring season. They were married on the fifth of Spring 1273.

Touran – Common name of the Touran Protectorates and the ruling royal family line. A country bordered by the River Jalsmin to the north, the Black Mountains to the west, the Dramini Wasteland to the south, and the Erin Ocean to the east. Touran is a hereditary monarchy currently ruled by Queen Lorrelai Touran. The ruling monarch has absolute authority, but governs in coordination with a legislative body called The Convex and the Dukes of the five protectorates (which are like states). Touran is made up of 6 parts – 5 duchies (Palladon, Jesserin, Stantin, Jall, and Brandon Duchies) and the Coradis City region itself. Capital is Coradis City, located at the headwaters of the Brandon Bay at the mouth of the Kirill River. Primary exports are meats and poultry, wheat, seafood, iron-ore, weapons, marsh-oil, cultural items, and precious metals. Primary imports are fruits and vegetables, medicines, and gemstones.

Touran, Princess Kir’Ana – Current Crown Princess of the Touran Protectorates. Daughter of Queen Lorrelai and King Regent Xanad. Kir’Ana is the only child of Queen Lorrelai, a fact which placed great pressure on her as the only blood heir to the throne. Kir’Ana became known at a young age for rebelling against the controlled environment of royal life. She excels as a fencer and archer and has a keen mind for military strategy. As a youth she became good friends with Jerine Masterson, also of Coradis City.

Touran, Queen Lorrelai (LORE-ill-eye) – Born RC 1234 in Coradis City. Current ruler of the Touran Protectorates. Lorrelai is the youngest child of King Dellien and Queen Carra who fell to Mindonite assassins at the beginning of the Six Month War. Lorrelai’s siblings, Jonathan, Aria, and Morn Touran, were all also killed in this conflict. She was crowned on the 1st of Fall, RC 1260. Married Xanad Timora, a wealthy physician and politician from the Blue Islands, in 1273. He now serves as King Regent beneath Lorrelai since he lacks a hereditary claim. Lorrelai gave birth to Kir’Ana in 1279.

Traders – Salesmen and goods-transporters. Traders work for one or many merchants, delivering and selling goods and services from town to town. River traders are known as wet-traders. Their ocean going brethren are called salt-traders.

Trimell, Jon (treh-MELL) – Chief bodyguard for the noted Bard Mai Cordollas.

Turog (TOO-rog) – A highway thief known to operate within the Highlands and central Jesserin Duchy.

Unit – In the Grey Shields and Pathwatch, a fighting unit of 10 men. Led by a Chief. Five units comprise a squad.

Vawan, Suppor (VAY-when, SOO-per) – Constable of the Maten local patrol, Coradis City Region.

Venture – Formal term for a traditional journey into the Black Mountains seeking knighthood through bravery. First recorded use of the term around RC 1145 during the reign of King Gilsar “Gil” Touran. Anyone who “Ventures” into those mountains and returns with the head of one of the fearsome beasts that live there is granted knighthood. This is a very dangerous proposition, however, given the extreme climate and those same beasts. But every year in mid-Spring, hundreds of brave souls arrive at Coradine Castle to “register for Venture”. Registration is used to track who enters the Black and who returns. The families of those who do not return after 1 year are given compensatory payment by the Crown. On average, 20% survive their time in the mountains, and of that number about 10% are knighted per year. But fewer than 10% of those knighted usually have the overall skills and talents required of a Ducal Knight or a Knight-Royal. Those lacking in these skills remain Knights, however, but do not command troops. All knights, regardless of status, are elevated to royalty, paid handsomely every year by the Crown or the Dukes, and are given estates.

Weights, of Copper, Silver, Gold, or Quadridian (kwa-DRID-ee-un) – The monetary system used in most kingdoms of the known Land. It’s origins lost in antiquity, each “weight” of metal consists of a minted coin impressed with the name of the metal and city mint of origin. Quadridian weights are gold coins with a large diamond crystal flush imbedded in the center. Ten weight of copper equals one weight of silver. One hundred weight of silver equals one weight of gold. One hundred weight of gold equals one weight quadridian. In common speech, an item that cost 1 gold and 50 silver would be “1 weight gold and 50” (for, potentially, one night’s stay in a very fine inn, or for a cheap broadsword or bow). An item costing 25 silver and 5 copper would be “25 weight silver and 5”for a very fine meal in a tavern, or two large, fresh day-hen chickens.


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