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The Kestral and the Great-Storm – Art by KTJ

The Black Mountains are an enormous spine of soaring, snow-capped peaks that split the Known Lands of Pasaron roughly in two; to the east, the Touran Protectorates, the Falon Empire, Great Kanor, and the Dramini Waste desert, and to the west MasMindon, Cronia, Theron, and the Bythinian Isles. The vast mountain range is practically impassable. They are rife with terrifying carnivorous beasts like the wyvern, a bat-like, alligator-mouthed flying creature that can grow to the size of a house, and the tamrof, a pack-hunting, millipede-like insect that grows taller than a grown man and dozens of feet long. The weather is uniformly atrocious; heavy snows and high winds dominate the range year-round.

The Kestral, however, is in a class by itself. This single peak towers tens of thousands of feet above the rest of the range, appearing to just show its roots where the other mountains crest. Its summit has never been seen; the heights of the Kestral lie hidden within the Great-Storm, a permanent hurricane of tremendous strength centered on the mountain. The tornadic storm’s combination of wind and cold produce hail like ice daggers flying faster than an arrow and waves of flying rock capable of rending flesh from bone.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with my books? The Kestral, in all of its unapproachable fury, is Kir’Ana, Annix, and their friends’ destination in THE PROVING, book one of the Tome of Pasaron. For at the eastern base of the Kestral, in the very heart of the Great-Storm, lies the mythical ruin the White Pillars, and there they must arrive at dawn on the first of Summer to compete in The Proving competition.

For decades I have seen the towering Kestral and the Great-Storm in my mind. But now, thanks to the incomparable painting prowess of KTJ, I can see it hanging on my wall! Presenting the latest work by my incredible oldest daughter; “The Kestral and the Great-Storm”!

The Kestral and the Great-Storm

The Kestral and the Great-Storm 2

There is nothing quite like seeing imagination brought to life! Truly a fantastic birthday present, one I can’t wait to hang. One day I will need an entire in-house gallery just for the Art of Pasaron!

Chat soon!