The Back of the Book

Here is my original attempt to write a back-of-the-book blurb to summarize “The First Proving”, dating from late January 2011.


The Greystone Protectorates were in a time of trouble. Unrest in neighboring countries, barbarian invaders from hostile MasMindon to the west, and political infighting within the Greystone duchies themselves threatened to unravel the very fabric of the kingdom. It seemed to many that the old stories which spoke of the end of Greystone, and of peace itself, were coming true.

Into this growing maelstrom came eight young men, drawn together from disparate corners of the kingdom, each displaying strange, potent talents and abilities that they could not comprehend.  Together they embarked on the traditional Greystone Venture, the dangerous journey into the Black Mountains through which brave souls proved their worth and earned knighthood. But their path would take them far beyond even their wildest imaginings as they find themselves at the center of a war between ancient magical forces, and are challenged by the Creator himself to come to the aid of the Land before all is lost.

Thus begins the epic Tome of Greystone, tracing the lives and times of generations of men and women, Lords, Kings, and fantastic creatures within the Land. All set against the backdrop of a millennia-old battle for the future of mankind that will be settled by the cataclysmic confrontation of supernatural powers… and by the choices made in the hearts of everyday people.


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