The Land of Greystone

Those of you that know me are familiar with the truth that I am no artist. BUT… a fantasy story is a non-starter without a map. One of the first things I did over a year ago was sketch a map of the known Land of Greystone to begin framing the story’s locations. Back in January I made a much more detailed, fancy version. Last week, I broke out the crayolas and scratched out the “final” map below. It’s not overly neat and is overly cluttered, but it gets the job done for now!

The five duchies that make up the Greystone Protectorates are color coded: Silver – Brandon Duchy, Yellow – Palladon Duchy, Red – Jesserin Duchy, Magenta – Stantin Duchy, and Green – Jall Duchy. The Greystone City District is rimmed in blue.

The Land of Greystone

Planning to post Chapter 1 tomorrow!



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