New Synopsis for THE PROVING

Hello, all! Here is the new synopsis/pitch for THE PROVING. Let me know what you think!


In the mythic Land of Greystone, two great sister phoenixes, Alemsa the Silver and Mzraoth the Red, war endlessly for the hearts and minds of mankind. But since they are forbidden from clashing directly, they bestow select humans with supernatural powers to fight in their stead in a cycle of supernatural combat known as THE PROVING.

Self-confident young adventurer Argand Mason knows nothing of phoenixes or magical powers, except within the fanciful tales of Bards, but when he and several others, including the Crown Princess Darian Greystone and the Bard My Cordollas, begin exhibiting magical abilities, they keep their talents secret. Soon enough, Argand, Princess Darian, and others discover their role as the Elect of the Silver Phoenix, and at the same time, they learn of their foe. Their opponents are the grandsons of King Balon, ruler of hostile MasMindon, and have been preparing for THE PROVING for decades.

Argand and Darian must lead an inexperienced group of young heroes against the servants of the Red Phoenix and her monstrous minions. The heroes emerge victorious after Argand learns that the power of self-sacrifice is even greater than the magic of the Elect. But the Red Phoenix’ servants quietly celebrate. In their view, everything is proceeding according to plan. Argand and his band have no idea that the real battle is still to come.


Coming up, the revised first chapter of THE PROVING. Stay tuned!



1 thought on “New Synopsis for THE PROVING

  1. sevenjax

    Furo nice like the name but seriously you should make him connected to a greater thing like maybe a spy for someone important, just seams good.


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