The New(er) and Improved Synopsis

Hello, all,

I posted a new synopsis for THE PROVING on Author Salon a few weeks ago, and just realized that I never included it here on the blog. So see below. The synopsis is not identical to the blurb on the back of a book jacket since it sort of gives away the ending! Its real purpose is to summarize the manuscript for rapid digestion by editors and publishers.


In the Land of Pasaron, the evil Red and the benevolent Silver phoenixes battle for the allegiance of mankind. Since they are forbidden from clashing directly, they bestow select humans with supernatural powers to fight in their stead in a cycle of combat called THE PROVING.

But self-confident adventurer Argand Mason is unaware of phoenixes or supernatural powers, except within fanciful Bard’s tales. He knows that in the Touran Protectorates magic wielders are labeled Emergents and locked away in the name of public safety. When he, the Princess Darian Touran, and others begin exhibiting such abilities, they must hide their talents. They soon learn of their role as the Elect of the Silver Phoenix, and they learn of their foe. The twisted grandsons of King Balon, ruler of hostile MasMindon, have prepared for THE PROVING for years.

Argand and Darian lead an inexperienced group of young Elect against the servants of the Red Phoenix. The heroes win THE PROVING, then defeat the invading MasMindon army. But the Red Phoenix’ servants quietly celebrate. Argand, Darian, and their friends have no idea that the real battle is still to come.


Thanks for reading!



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