Borders and Cities and Rivers, Oh My!

Greetings, all!

The Map of the Known Land has been updated! Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop and the excellent original version so frequently discussed on this site, the map of Pasaron now has many new details. The tricky part was adding lots of text and borders and symbols without taking away from the maps ancient-parchment beauty. I think it turned out well, but I will be open to improving it over time.

The next phase of map work involves taking a closer look at each of the six protectorates within Touran. Photoshop magic is allowing me to create a separate break-out map of each of the five duchies and the Coradis region, each with added details that give insight into each area’s geography, towns, and roads. I doubt that the individual break-out maps will make it into the published book, but they will live forever on this site for easy reference.

Speaking of publishing, the hunt continues… with a few new plot twists. Last week I participated in a Twitter pitch contest (one of many I’ve entered so far this year) and caught the attention of a small publisher in the UK. But this micropublisher, OfTomes Publishing, is different; it was founded by a very well known young book promoter (Booktuber) with a tremendous following in the YA reader community. He read the first five chapters of THE PROVING and a complete synopsis then let me know that he loved it! He now has the entire manuscript and, given his enthusiastic response, I think he will be pleased.

Meanwhile, I am still anxiously waiting for a response back from my dream agent or from my next-to-dream agent (both of which are also reading the full manuscript). As is so often the case, I think that God is teaching me patience. And I am not the best student.

Take a look at the map, and feel free to comment. Thanks!


Pasaron Reloaded - Border 2 copy small


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