Long Awaited News!

I am super-excited to announce that I have a literary agent!

Earlier today I signed on with Jessica Schmeidler of Golden Wheat Literary. It’s been a long, often winding, and frequently confusing journey up to this point, but I can say without hesitation that when the opportunity to work with Jessica presented itself I knew it was the right call. The agent milestone has been reached! This is an answer to many a prayer, believe me.

Now I am preparing to enter the next phase of my work on THE PROVING and the rest of the Tome of Pasaron. Working closely with Jessica, I expect there will be edits and revisions followed by (gasp!) submission to publishers who may want to acquire the book – or the trilogy!

I will keep you all posted as the process rolls on. But for now, we are celebrating here in the Jackson household!

More to come!



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