Website Update!

Greetings, all!

After what has been a long pause in activity here on the blog (for good reason, as you’ll read in a moment), this post marks the beginning of a new wave of awesomeness here on the website! There are multiple big changes in the works, including:

  • The addition of “The Art of Pasaron” page, featuring the original works of artist KTJ who masterfully creates paintings and computer renderings based on my books,
  • The introduction of my brand new Middle Grade fantasy novel, THE MAGIC STONES OF LAKESDAWN CASTLE. This exciting adventure chapter book targets readers from age 8 and up, and takes place in the same fantasy world as THE PROVING and the rest of The Tome of Pasaron. This recently completed book, the first in what will become the Magic Stones series of MG fantasy books, is the reason for the long pause mentioned above.
  • Updated Maps, expanded author information, new banners, and more!

Even though some of the updates are still under construction, please feel free to take a look around and see what’s new. And as always, share your feedback!

More soon…

~Kevin (The Tome Writer)


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