Fifth Grade Fans!

I’m not sure that anything in the land of writing could have made me more excited than this.

My awesome friend and beta reader Keri is also a fifth grade teacher at a local elementary school. After she finished THE MAGIC STONES OF MIDNIGHT KEEP, she asked me if she could read it to her fifth grade class. Naturally my response was a resounding yes! But I didn’t expect what happened next. The students not only love the story, they’ve given letters and fan art to Keri to deliver to me! See below.

IMG_20170912_143414 The letter above says “Chapter 3 was amazing when she got stronger and indestructible because of the stones. And also when she threw the barrel of water that landed on her head after she threw it. And before that when she pushed and threw both guys all the way across the room. I love the book so far and we only read chapters 1-3 so far.”

I can’t explain how fantastic that little note made me feel. What an encouragement! Then a few days later, two more arrived via email.



The first drawing shows the main character, Aril, during chapter 1 when she finds a pair of magic stones while stuck in a pit near Midnight Keep. The second, with accompanying letter, shows one student’s depiction of a fearsome Dramini Bonecrusher – MUCH more fearsome and awesome than any version I could’ve managed! I absolutely love these pieces of fan art and the wonderful messages of support. So wonderful! Many times I have imagined one day seeing fan art and letters about my writing… but I never thought it would happen before I even had an agent (much less a publishing deal)!

Needless to say, I am advertising these comments and pictures to literary agents and acquiring editors ad nauseam. What could be better proof of the potential of a book series than feedback like this from the target audience!

Many thanks are due to Keri and her fantastic fifth grade class. Hopefully there’s an acknowledgement page out there in the future with all of their names on it.

Until next time,



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