Big News! The DOON Book Series Optioned for Television!

Greetings all! It’s time to take a moment to celebrate the success of two great friends, Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon!

The #DOONSeries Has Been Optioned for TV!!!

Check out the link above from the USA Today exclusive article and interview!


It’s been so much fun getting to know Carey and Lorie over the past few years, and I can’t even tell you (though I’ve tried over these blog posts) how much I have learned from them as my writing mentors. Along with Melissa Landers (STARFLIGHT and the ALIENATED series) and Jennifer Osborn (The Shilund Saga and THE DAWNING OF SCARLETT), they form a nexus of amazing people that I am so blessed to call my writing “tribe”.

I’m a huge fan of the DOON series, and now Hollywood shares my opinion. It’s so great to see this happen for them (and for all of us fans). If you’re a reader of YA fantasy-romance, or YA fantasy of any stripe, I can’t overstate my recommendation for the four-book Doon series (Doon book 4, FOREVER DOON, is pictured above). Besides, if you read them now you’ll be all caught up by the time DOON makes it to TV!

You can check out more at their website, or look them up on Facebook. If you’re addicted to Twitter like me, follow them at @CareyCorp and @LorieLangdon.

Thanks for reading!



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