What Is and Isn’t Wrong with the First Draft of Emergence

Hello, all!

For those of you reading an early un-edited copy of Emergence, here are a few comments on what is and is not wrong with the story you are reading. I suggest at this point that you sort of ignore the typos that remain… I have come across a few misplaced words, missing punctuation, and grammatical errors, but for the most part those will be addressed if and when I ever have this stuff edited professionally (and when I do my next end-to-end proofread down the road a piece). What I am really looking for from you guys is commentary on the *story* itself. Characters, pacing, plot, etc.

Then there are the things that might look wrong that really are not. For example, capitalizing the words Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. These are not typos, but an indication of how the Greystone calendar system works. The Seasons are what we would call months, so they are presented with Caps as we do January or July. Each year is divided into four seasons of 90 days each. So the date might be the 54th of Fall, or Summer 2nd, followed by the year (see the Glossary for more details about the Land’s Ramagan Calendar).

Also, the occasional capitalization of the words nightwing or nightwalker is OK. These words are used as exclamations, almost curses, and are the names of mythical monsters from Greystone’s past.

In all of this, the Glossary is key. It explains much of the background behind the Land’s constructs and provides a pronunciation guide.




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