Moving Ahead

Good evening, folks! I have spent my writing time these past few nights focused on moving ahead with book 2 of the trilogy, “Knights and Watchers”. Like “Emergence”, this is still just a working title, but I find it fitting and kind of mysterious. Strangely, though, the events in Knights and Watchers are much less mysterious than those in Emergence. Several of the big mysteries actually get solved… which of course then leads to a ripe harvest of new mysteries leading into book 3 (working title, “The First Proving”).

For example, here in Knights and Watchers the reader gets to learn the identities 0f the shady men dressed all in black except for a sole shimmering silver accessory. The primary heroes (Argand, Kosin, Max, Brien, Varix, West, Surk, and Loric) all find out the nature of their individual “emerging” powers and begin to learn how to use them. Much more is revealed about King Balon’s plans and the Blood Knights’ purpose (which is sort of obvious).

I am curious though, and a little worried, about how much I will be able to fit in book 2 without going over the 125k word goal. For example, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the seven female primary characters – 2 of which haven’t even been introduced by the end of Emergence. Getting their story arcs rolling must happen in Knights and Watchers. And a significant amount of story must focus on the Messenger and the Poet. Because they matter.

Then there has to be room to begin the Proving event itself. It’s going to begin during the last few chapters of book 2, then conclude during the first third of book 3. I am excited about writing that. Serious fun awaits!

In case you didn’t catch it, yes… there are 8 main male characters and 7 females. And yes they end up pairing off. So why the discrepancy? That’s the biggest mystery of the entire series, leading to the big twist ending.

Which leads me to another looming concern. My “big twist ending” is many, many books away. And as you all know, this is probably never going to be anything other than a hobby writing project. Am I really going to keep writing all of these stories – full NOVELS – even knowing that they are really just for me and a few select friend readers? It pains me to imagine not making it through to the end of this main story arc, but my outline described 2 more trilogies to finish this first part of the Tome of Greystone. That’s 9 books total for those doing the math at home. It would take The First Proving trilogy (Emergence, Knights and Watchers, and The First Proving), then a second trilogy called The Council of Lords (working titles: The Council of Lords, The Hialon Valley, and The Tome of Greystone), then a final trilogy called The Last Peace (working titles: The Red Kings, The Lodestone, and finally The Last Peace).

That would be about 1 million words of fantasy writing. That might never see the light of day beyond this blog and the advance readers! That feels… a little insane!

But nevermind all of that for now. For tonight, a new blog post, a few more lines of conversation between the 8 heroes as they sit in a restaurant in Riverside finally getting to know each other, then off to bed. Gonna take it all one page at a time!



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