The Leader in the Clubhouse

After a few days of ruminating, I can confidently pass on the leader in the clubhouse for the new title of Book One of The Tome of Greystone.


It’s definitely growing on me. And it totally fits the plot of the book. More than anything else, the book is about the main characters emergent supernatural powers and the fact that all of them are feeling the call to travel to Greystone City and register for Venture (if none of the above makes sense to you, or if you are a new reader of the blog, check out the earlier posts). So if the title can’t include something about emerging, it really should focus on the over-riding theme of Venture.

It’s a little disingenuous I suppose, since the protagonists never actually GO on Venture… at least not in the same way as all of the other brave/foolish souls in the Greystone Protectorates. But it’s the call that matters most. Their call to venture is all about their discovery of their REAL calling. The call to The First Proving.

But that doesn’t start in book one.  First things first.

So, opinions? Thoughts? How does THE CALL TO VENTURE come across?



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