Major Re-Write, Anyone???

Hi, all!

Feedback is an amazing thing. It helps sharpen, focus, and tailor one’s writing so that it can become the best it can be. I have always heard that critical feedback can be hard to take, but I have personally never bought into the notion. When I know someone is on my side, I can rest assured that their feedback is intended to help my writing improve! Not tear it down.

Expert feedback, however, is another thing entirely. It is something with which I have had no experience… until now. Expert feedback is so much more intense, cutting straight to the point of each issue, and so much more focused on the bottom lines of writing and getting published. And I thought changing a TITLE was scary! No, working with expert feedback? THAT is scary.

And I love it.

I flat out love it. And so, with apologies to you guys and ladies that have already read the current draft of EMERGENCE which some now know as THE CALL TO VENTURE, I am re-working and re-writing the first book. A lot of the content in the current manuscript will remain while some will disappear, and some of the content now in book 2 will be in book 1.  And there will be new stuff to make it all work. In other  words, I am rearranging the story’s flow as well as its starting and ending points in response to some excellent expert feedback.

So… I will need the services of you early readers once again. Please let me know if you are interested! If you are already reading EMERGENCE, feel free to continue, but know that I will be asking you to read the new variant of book one of The Tome of Greystone quite soon.

The new working title? Are you ready for this? Yeah, it’s THE PROVING. As in, the original title that I wanted a year and a half ago. Before I decided to break the story into three parts. Book one is once again THE PROVING. This is a working title I suppose, but I have the strongest feeling that this one will stick.

More… LOTS more, to come. And soon.



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