Interest from the Agent World!!!!

Hello, all! Big news here in epic fantasy writing land!!!

Thanks to the fantastic support and guidance of the folks at, two literary agencies have expressed an interest in THE PROVING! The first was AEI Book and Film Productions, whose interest just made my day naturally. This was followed up a few days later by Talcott Notch Literary. Talk about motivation to get the re-write complete!!!

Both of these bites from Agents are the result of the Author Salon Showcase process, whereby detailed profiles of story design, characters, and writing samples are collected online for review by teams of professional literary agents looking for the next big title. While the positive responses from AEI and Talcott Notch are only one step in the process, it is so very gratifying to see that someone out there likes my project and thinks it might be worth supporting.

I will keep you posted!



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