And Summer Vacation Ends…

Hello, All!

No, it can’t be a coincidence that my disappearance from the world of blogging just happened to mirror my kids summer vacation almost to the week. Nope. No coincidence at all.

BUT… I am back. And the good news is that work on THE PROVING did not stop while summer crept by.

The first major re-write is well underway, with a target completion date of New Years Eve this year. My involvement with Author Salon has been a critical factor in the progress I have made… can’t say enough great stuff about my peer review group, the moderators, and administrators there. I have been at a full-fledged writer’s conference for fully eight months – instead of the typical long weekend.

I have new character introduction and action chapters to share on the blog, including a princess falling out of a tower and a character sex change. Fun! All coming soon.

Oh, yeah… and the little matter of the name changes! The story takes place in the Land of Pasaron now. I pronounce it “PASS-uh-ron”, and therefore the blog has been transitioned to

The country where all of the protagonists reside is now called the Touran Protectorates (or often just Touran). This is also the family name of the royals, Queen Lorrelai Touran and her daughter the crown princess Darian Touran.

The capital city has changed from Greystone City to Coradis City, or just Coradis. It’s centerpiece is Coradine Castle where the Touran royal family resides.

For the most part the other names and titles have remained the same, but the plot has been re-tooled per my comments back in the spring. I will be re-posting the opening chapters soon, complete with annotations about the changes and new additions.

Until then, be well!



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