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I think that there will be amazement – on the part of some – at just how much has changed in THE PROVING over the past few weeks and months. But these changes have really been shifts in how the story is revealed as opposed to changes in what the story contains. Many chapters that appeared in the original draft of EMERGENCE are gone, replaced by new experiences in the lives of other characters. But the missing scenes aren’t actually gone. They simply aren’t seen “live” by the reader.

The rewrite of THE PROVING is approximately 60% complete. While I have cut enormous numbers of words from the draft in order to have a chance at hitting my word count goal, I am still a good 15% over budget. But I have decided to not fret too much about that… for now. Complete the re-write, go back and polish it, THEN make cuts for word count purposes. That’s the plan!

More to come!



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