Playing the Name Game

Hello, all!

The entire summer has passed without a lot of action here on the blog, but The Proving has progressed consistently. Change is always the only constant, and the most recent wave of changes are quite central to the story. I have always been very picky about names… perhaps too picky! I received feedback from some of the experienced-people-that-really-matter types over at Author Salon that many of my character names were much too Tolkien-esque. I’ve heard similar feedback from some of my peer reviewers, so I decided to make a few changes.

The co-protagonists in The Proving were originally Argand and princess Darian. Argand Mason is now Ayr’Anax Mastoro (AIR-an-ax must-OR-oh). But his friends and family just call him Annix. Darian Touran, heir to the Touran throne, is now Kir’Ana Touran (keer-AH-na TOUR-en).

A few of the supporting protagonists’ names have changed as well, but you will see those within the sample chapters of the re-written book in due time.

Another major change has to do with the characters ages. Several early readers have chimed in that my heroes were just too old for a Young Adult novel. All of you (and you know who you are!) were right! Now all of the group of protagonists are sixteen years old, while the bad guys are still a bit older.

Updated sample chapters will be posted soon, starting back from the beginning.

More soon!



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