Character Development vs. Action

Greetings, all!

There is a certain tension in writing fantasy between the drama and conflict that must be present to keep the plot alive and the action that brings excitement to the text. As I write a number of big, sub-climax scenes that are leading up to the end of The Proving, I am finding that the balance is much less difficult to maintain. Maybe it’s just the practice I’ve had during the first 85k words that is making the last 15k feel easier. Or maybe I’m just naive a and early readers will say ‘no… You need to fix it again…’. Either option is fine really, so I am counting it a blessing that the final chapters are flowing smoothly. My plan is to complete this (hopefully) final draft by Father’s Day. Please let me know if you are interested in being an early reader of the new draft. The more the merrier!

Incidentally, what’s more fun than writing about island plateaus afloat in a sea of lava, each connected by towering spans of stone and crystal that are grown like plants from the barren cliffs? Nothing, I tell you!

More to come…



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