The Proving – Unedited Advanced Reader Copy

Greetings all,

As those of you who know me in the Facebook universe already know, the re-write of The Proving is complete! The unedited ARC is ready for distribution to anyone who is interested and willing to give feedback.

I think the final product works. While I am biased, I think the strong points are the complexity of the plot and the clearly meaningful themes behind how the protagonists turn into heroes. On the other hand, I am still concerned about the balance between exposition and action, and wonder if my original structure just has too many characters that need to be followed. Another point involves finding a balance between major plot lines that are all resolved in the end versus some of the semi-major plot lines that are intentionally left open to support a sequel. But I am way to close to the material to make these judgments… so, Help!

Note that there is a very comprehensive glossary for The Proving that is NOT included in the manuscript. I will either post it here on the blog or email it out separately to those interested.

Until next time!



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