Banned Hits from the Touran Top 40!

No, the Touran Protectorates don’t have a radio station. Yet. But if they did, Bard’s Tales would be top 40 hits! But in The Proving, dark forces work to destroy the Priory of Bards.

Here’s a sample of an oldie-but-goodie from the golden age of Touran Bard’s Tales: The Price.

“Farewell, my love,” said the soldier at dawn,
To his love, with tears, as she begged him to stay,
I may not, I am called, battle rages on,
They oppress us, my love, I will make them pay.

“We are lost,” said the General, in the high noon sun,
On the field, stained red, his men but a few,
Then great Knights, clad in silver, charged as one,
“If the price must be paid, we will pay it, not you.”

Years passed, and the soldier, now King of the west,
Saw the verdant moon’s rise, come to claim life anew,
Rode forth, clad in silver, his people at rest,
“If the price must be paid, I will pay it, not you.”

I suppose it was Tolkien who spoiled me by including songs in his writing. But they are a must-have for me. It’s a bonus when songs can actually have meaning in the plot. Hoping to soon take the time to write music for this tale and others.



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