Books on Tape?

A good friend of mine once said “don’t self-edit”. Well, I suppose what I am doing can cheatingly be called “self-proofreading”. I guess. At any rate, I am about 50% through a detailed and slow re-read of The Proving. I’m hunting and slaying passive voice passages, typos, and items from the department of redundancy department. The text is improving by the minute.

But I have also unveiled a new weapon for the battle. A voice recorder app on my iPhone.

I have recorded the first five chapters using my best (don’t laugh) dramatic reading voice. It’s amazing how areas for improvement become so clear when listening to the spoken word. It’s been a great exercise… and has led to many of my family members being forced to listen to The Proving – Audio Edition during long car rides!

I’m going to post chapter 2 later tonight.

Until next time!



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