Promotion day!

For those of you who have been following along with my journey through the Author Salon peer review process, today was a very big day! THE PROVING was promoted to the final level of peer review, called Editor’s Suite! This means I will now enter another, more intensive round of peer reviews and editor critiques of both the novel’s profile and the manuscript itself. This is very exciting for me, since the next step is to have the book directly marketed to agents and publishers within the Author Salon process… Hopefully to be either signed by an agent or acquired by a publisher, or both.

If any of you early readers out there are working your way through the book, please shoot me any and all feedback you have. This would be a great time for it as these new peer review sessions get going. And if anyone reading this does not have a copy but would like to read it (or if any of you have an older, unedited copy and would like to see the newer, cleaner version), just let me know!




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