Social Media and the Aspiring Author

Greetings, all! It has been a very long time since I have posted, and even now I will be brief. Much has changed since my last submission to this blog! A final editing wave of THE PROVING, a massive and truly wonderful job change, and most recently a wave of new activity within social media as an avenue to get THE PROVING published.

I’ve been active on Twitter for almost as long as I have been writing, but lately I have taken my presence there to another level via a series of Twitter-based writer’s contests. The first of these was #PitchToPublication, where queries were submitted to a group of volunteer freelance editors for their review. The per-genre winners each receive free manuscript edits and a potential fast-path to agent attention and hopefully publisher interest. The second was #pg70pit, a nifty contest where writers submit the 70th page of their novel to a big group of volunteer editors. The best pages win similar chances at fulfilling their publishing dreams. Fun!

Hundreds of people submitted to each contest, and should anyone take an interest in my work I will naturally let you know. But one of the great side-effects of this wave of social media interaction has been getting to electronically know a huge group of like-minded writers out there in the twitterverse. Fantastic peer interactions, writing and publishing tips, and plenty of humor abound!

In the meantime, I am still within the Author Salon process and am hopeful that through one of these avenues good news will come. 

Additionaly, I am flirting with the idea of beginning (in earnest) to write book two, The Council of Lords. After all, I have always said that I planned to write The Tome of Pasaron for my own enjoyment, not only to be published and sold. Perhaps the time to return to the keyboard has come!

More soon, and thanks for reading!



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