Happenings are Happening

Greetings, all!

It’s always fun to watch trends. If the current trend of events involving my work on THE PROVING are any indication of future events, good things are on the horizon. The past six weeks of agent/publisher hunting featured more activity than the last 18 months combined! I have been honored to receive several offers for publication from small/independent presses who believe my work has merit. I have received additional requests for full manuscript submissions from literary agents. I’ve made connections with successful, best-selling authors in my genre. The bottom line is that things are happening, and as a direct result I believe something significant is looming.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that I also entered sequel planning mode recently. Book 2, THE COUNCIL OF LORDS, needs a great deal of additional pre-writing and supporting documentation preparation before I can begin writing in earnest. For a while I thought I would wait until something great happened with THE PROVING. But no, waiting is not the answer. I forgot just how much fun the outlining and plotting can be! My goal is to have the preliminary work for book 2 completed by the end of August, allowing me to begin the first draft in September.

I can’t help but wonder if it will take me as long to write book two as it did book 1? I certainly hope not! Once I do start writing, I plan to place some pretty strict deadlines on myself to insure that I’m not still blogging about another draft of book 2 in the year 2020!!!

As always, I will keep you all posted.




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