The Map of Pasaron

Here’s the beautiful new map of the Known Lands of Pasaron. Endless thanks to Rob LaBella for this gift!!

Map of the Known Land of Pasaron


7 thoughts on “The Map of Pasaron

    1. thetomewriter Post author

      Thanks!! He is a personal friend and strangely enough the president of a successful technology company and my former boss at that company. He discovered my writing passion online and surprised me with this map as a gift. No idea if he has considered doing it professionally… But I could ask!

  1. Robert LaBella

    Hey Kevin, glad to see the progress on the book! You deserve the praise you’re getting and I’m glad to see the map is a small part of it. You know, it’s funny, I made another map recently and had it framed at my office – I’ve gotten a lot of requests for “personalized copies”. It’s a Time Traveler’s Map of the Known Universe. Maybe that’s what I should do next??? Take care!

    1. thetomewriter Post author

      I’m totally not surprised your work is getting noticed! Did you see the earlier comments thread? Someone I don’t know came across the blog and asked if the map maker did this professionally and could be hired! Could be a neat side-business…

      1. Robert LaBella

        Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment. It’s really just kind of a hobby I don’t really envision it becoming a business. Keeping it a hobby means there’s really no pressure to finish it in a certain time or make it perfect, etc. Having said that, however, I do enjoy making them as it’s an opportunity to be creative. I’m not really an artist but with today’s software, just about anyone can create awesome things. If you’ve got an idea you want to develop, let me know.

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